Project Description

The official ‘CALLOUT: Search and Rescue app’ is the perfect companion to the documentary television series of the same name which features live rescue stories and fast-paced vignettes about search and rescue activities.

The CALLOUT: Search and Rescue app features:

  1. The ‘CALLOUT Toolbox’ (including flashlight, compass, emergency flashing light and motion alarm).
    * Please note that the compass only works with the built-in compass feature on the iPhone 3GS and newer.
  2. ‘CALLOUT Promo Videos’ a sneak peak of each of the 13 episodes in season one.
  3. ‘Broadcast Showtimes / Links’ (access to Broadcast times/dates, link to series website, SAR weblinks, contact email).
  4. ‘Outdoor Survival Tips’ (including summer, winter & boating survival checklists: what to bring when you venture out in the great outdoors).

Project Details

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