CALLOUT: Search and Rescue
(Season I, II, III)

Project Description

Every year, hundreds of people get lost or injured in Canada’s vast backcountry, waterways, and coastlines. Lucky for them, there are thousands of men and women across the country trained and ready to come to the rescue. They are Canada’s Search and Rescue network – everyday heroes with a passion for saving lives. Most are volunteers; unpaid professionals who bravely put themselves in harm’s way for the lives of others.

For some rescuers, SAR is a lifestyle and an absolute rush they can’t live without. For others, the sole reward is helping people in distress. Whether it’s a volunteer dog handler tracking a lost child, a twenty-something SAR-tech skydiving to his first mountain rescue, or a ‘body hunter’ scuba diving an ice covered river for a missing subject, everyone has a story to share.


Project Details

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